Ideas for Ceiling Room Dividers

CEILING ROOM DIVIDERS may be curtains, drapes or other materials that are suspended from the ceiling to create a room partition or divider. Some popular material options are fabric, beads or plastic.

Ceiling room dividers are synonymous to convenience and ease. They are easy to install, as with the case of curtains or drapes. And they are also lightweight and portable, thereby allowing you to use them in almost all rooms in your home. Take a look at some ceiling room divider options.

Boyd-Colonial Folding Screen for Doorway or Ceiling Mount:

This ceiling mounted screen is made of double-wall PVC with 5/8-inch thickness. The classic style framed panel comes in 3 width options, 32 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches. Installing this unit will bring convenience and comfort to any modern home. This folding screen comes with two-glider roller system and a key lock system. You have the option to use one screen to cover an area measuring 48 inches wide. For larger areas, you can combine two screens for effective partitions. The screen is available in finishes of oak, white or fruitwood. Prices range from $139.98 to $209.98 depending on options at

Shoji Sliding Door Kit Room Divider:

This sliding divider features finished frame designed on one side with intricate lattice. The unit is made sturdy by mortise and tenon joinery while the fibrous rice paper shade is known for its durability and strength. Installing this divider requires the necessary hardware for top mounting. The dimensions are 80 inches high by 36 inches wide by 1-inch deep. Color options are black, honey, rosewood and natural. This divider sells at for only $679.99.

Hang It Up Folding Screen:

This folding screen features two shelves which make it a perfect replacement option if you are in need of an extra storage space. It comes with three movable hanging hooks and removable magazine rack that suspends from a cross-bar. It also features a powder-coated steel frame and 3 black panels with cotton twill fabric. Each panel measures 16 inches wide, 12 and 1/2 inches wide and 7 inches deep for shelves while the magazine rack measures 13 inches wide by 19 inches high. Buy this unit ay for only $179.00.

Nile Vine Screen-Padmas Plantation:

This screen collection is made of plantation grown hardwood. It measures 60 inches wide by 2 inches deep by 78 inches high. It comes with the necessary hardware for horizontal or vertical hanging. This unit retails at for only $815.00.

Boyd-Square Glass Folding Screen for Doorway or Ceiling Mount:

This screen features square panes in textured glass to allow light to filter through the area it encloses. This double-walled PVC unit comes with a dual-glider roller device to ensure smooth operation. Use this screen as a replacement to bring an updated accent to your contemporary home interior as it defines space and create privacy. The unit is designed for easy and smooth opening and closing. The available sizes are 33 inches to 36 inches wide and 37 inches to 48 inches wide with standard height of 80 inches and 1-inch thickness. Color options are oak and fruitwood. Prices range from $149.98 to $199.98 at

Hanging Room Divider:

This hanging room divider is perfect for creating an attractive visual impact in any room. It is made of MDF material with metal chain and walnut veneer. The available dimensions are 40 inches wide by 88 inches high. It sells at for $199.99.

Ceiling room dividers are available in various styles, designs, colors, sizes and materials that it would be to your advantage if you check out several products available from online retailers before you decide to make a purchase.


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  1. room divider Says:

    Thank you for the post. Shoji room divider give a room an extraordinary and ancient look and it is also affordable price range.

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